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Hai. Chloe. 20. UK

It’s been a while.. πŸŒ™πŸ„πŸŒΏπŸŒ·
What do y’all think? I tried to do a makeup tutorial from Chloe morello. I dunno I probs look like some sort of possum 🐭
i’m so sorry, but look how curly my fucking hair is!!!
i wanna cut my hair this length so bad 
hai y’all
I am Michelle Obama whilst I pose in a bathroom. Classy.
Oh haaaiii
my bedroom looks soo pretty today ^_^
Bouts to read a bit of Harry potter. I don’t look very excited but mentally I am.. (Taken with Instagram)
Pub drink in London  (Taken with Instagram)
Another OOTD! (Taken with Instagram)
Taken via my instagram: @ChloeLazarus
Ootd! (Taken with Instagram)
Weather ain’t bad today (Taken with Instagram)
Hey dawwwg (Taken with Instagram)